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Nearly 85 million Americans spend many hours a day working in front of a computer
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7 June 2008

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We are aware of the perils of latest techniques coming up in terms of human health; which are making us couch potatoes and leading to a steep rise in health problems. Even though, video games, movies and remote controlled operations have enhanced the entertainment quotient in our lives, but have also reduced the physical activity of youngsters which is not really beneficial. Talking about computer systems, they are probably one of the most vital inventions of all times and have significantly assisted in professional endeavors making them more productive. However, our eyes have been neglected in this pursuit which has led to weak eyesight, strained and dry eyes and frequent headaches. Eye Care Software 8.06 is a tool which helps individuals to take periodical breaks as per the discretion of the user and enables healthy working.

Eye Care Software opens with a compact and vibrant looking interface that has all the chief options placed at the bottom which include the configuring the program and working on its display settings. The top side of the screen shows controls that the user can set to take breaks from work and set the time and duration of the break time. It can also play music during the breaks as desired by the user to further induce calming effects. Working in front of the computer screen is the major cause of eye related illnesses that trouble us in various forms such as burning eyes, dry eyes, blurred vision and even sensitivity to light and also causes consistent pain in the back and neck. Highly customizable and user friendly, the tool works easily in relaxing the user and aids in better productivity.

To conclude, Eye Care Software 8.06 certainly helps the users to maintain a healthy balance between work and breaks and helps users to take care of their eyes easily and hence gets a rating of three points for its suitable performance.

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Nearly 85 million Americans spend many hours a day working in front of a computer. Over 50 percent report some form of eye strain, including eye fatigue, dry eyes, burning eyes, light sensitivity, blurred vision, and headaches as well as pain in the shoulder, neck or back.Most ergonomic experts advise Take a vision break every 20 minutes or so. Eye Care software does it all for you.
'Eye Care Software' is highly customizable, allowing you to configure everything from break duration to music.
Unlike others, Eye Care Software- the first web 2.0 like software in the world, It means: your are the master; your are the designer: HTML+CSS to custom 'Eye Care Software' UI and break screen
Don't let your computer rule your life!
Protect your health from computer influence.
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Eye Care Software
Eye Care Software
Version 8.06
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